Meltem, is the refereed periodical publication of the Izmir Mediterranean Academy which was founded in 2012. Once the first decade of İzmir Mediterranean Academy was completed, its founding principles were also reviewed through a series of thorough collective soul-searching and brain-storming meetings bringing together a wide and representative group of stakeholders and it was restructured accordingly. The Academy Board was formed in line with this restructuring. The following principles were adopted by the Board to be followed up in its future work:
- Preparing a favorable environment for the emergence and exchange of new ideas and research on İzmir and the Mediterranean
- Emphasizing interdisciplinary work by taking into consideration the cross-fertilizing between various disciplines of science and art.
The Board began also working to diversify and strengthen the contributions to Meltem and expand its scope of influence. An organizational restructuring and overhaul ensued. Even so, the ‘academy’ designation of the institution was consciously preserved by noting the expectation that the contemporary meaning and implications of this choice should also be spelled out.
Meltem, is now in the way of a similar transformation process and has come to a turning-point in its career. Starting from its 15th issue in 2024, Meltem will continue its publication twice a year, titled “Spring” and “Autumn”, as before, in Turkish and English. Additionally, there are plans for an online publication of original articles in other Mediterranean languages such as Arabic, French, and Spanish.
In this new phase of Meltem, the scholarly journal remains dedicated to cultivating a critical perspective on the Mediterranean. The Journal will challenge traditional boundaries in favor of multidisciplinary, interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary work in social sciences and humanities to create a new narrative for the Mediterranean. With a spotlight on cross-cultural interactions, comparative studies, and collaborative endeavors in the Mediterranean and at large, Meltem will strive to illuminate the interconnected relationships between the cities, their hinterlands, the human beings and all species on earth. As this process unfolds, Meltem will actively seek to establish meaningful links between İzmir, the other Mediterranean cities, the world at large and, will foster a dynamic intellectual exchange that redefines scholarly engagement with the diverse debates and narratives around the Mediterranean.